Stand Out from the competition

Adding a digital target shooting experience to a range, whether indoor or outdoor, creates a unique attraction to your area. And we are leading the charge in connecting your customers to a fun, competitive and always challenging shooting experience.

Drive new revenue streams

The digital entertainment this shooting target system provides drives increased ammunition sales and increased return customers. The commercial software package provides leaderboards in the showroom and in the range, and provides marketing tools for the venue to host competitive events, capture customer information to remarket to your customers for future events.

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Live-fire entertainment and gaming platform
mobile app screens

Games & Drills

The Operator software comes preloaded with several casual arcade style games from single player to multi-player games. Shooters scores are stored in the cloud and distributed to your website and to leaderboards within your facility. For the firearms instructors, we include a suite of tactical drills ranging from simple draw and fire for CCW training to combat drills like the NOW drill or El Prezidente for more advanced tactics.

For Any Range

Large or small, indoor or outdoor. For indoor ranges, one "digital lane" of Lumatic targets will occupy the space of 2 traditional shooting lanes. Lumatic targets can be mounted on some retriever systems on the market or on our standard target stands. Setup and take-down of a digital lane takes around one minute for one person.

For outdoor ranges, spend less time during cease fire resetting targets. The Lumatic target platform starts a new game at the click of a button. Lumatic Gen 2 targets are IP65 rated and can be left outdoors rain or shine. Every Lumatic includes a 3 day battery pack.