Use a wide range of ammuntion for your Lumatic target sytem

The following guide will give you tips on maximizing your firearm options for your Lumatic target system.

Compatible energy ranges

The Lumatic targets are designed to handle a specific range of force from bullet strikes. Use the following list as a guide when selecting ammunition.

  • Optimum range: 200 - 600 foot pounds of force.
  • Hot range: 600 - 800 ft-lbs - paddle wear accelerated
  • Unsafe range: greater than 800 ft-lbs

Energy calculations

kinetic energy = mass times velocity squared

Energy at the muzzle versus at impact

Ballistic energy is always lower at impact than energy at the muzzle. A bullet slows down very rapidly after leaving the muzzle. E.g., a .223 standard load will leave the muzzle at around 1281 ft-lbs, but at 200 yards, it has only 661 ft-lbs making it safe to shoot .223 at Lumatic targets @ 200 yards.

.223 ballistic chart

ballistic energies graph