Maximize Range Time

We know range time is limited and not be frequent enough. Our platform helps to maximize range time by fully engaging the officer’s attention by challenging every aspect of their technique. With automated scoring, less time down range resetting targets, you will breeze through training drills in record time.

Adaptive Training

We draw on each officer’s performance history to yield more performance improvement with the same amount of training time. Our software knows each shooters average response times from the profile’s previous drills and automatically adjusts the difficulty level to demand a challenging, yet achievable performance improvement. The shooter will see improved threat response times, magazine reload efficiency, improved accuracy, smoother target transitioning, shorter draw and split times, and all at a personalized progressive pace that is customized for each shooter.


LEO Shoothouse


Our software comes preloaded with several advanced drill scenarios to get your team going right away, including shoot/no-shoot scenarios, multi-threat drills, and several general marksmanship drills. A custom drill builder tool is also included allowing you to digitize all of your existing drills. This includes multiple modifiers including multi-hit and timed scenarios all recording with millisecond precision.

Each target kit comes standard with our stands and mounting brackets providing flexible range configuration and design. All hit facing steel is AR500/AR550. No other range system offers this kind of durability and configurability while also digitizing your tactical drills.

Advanced Reporting

Real-time reporting log virtually every measurable action from threat response times and double-tap split times to total time-to-completion, and illustrates that performance over time. Shooters can leverage this actionable information to immediately rework drills to improve specifically on challenges they may have faced, such as draw time, or magazine reload speed. Analytics are stored on the user’s mobile device for adaptive training progression as well as in the cloud for in-depth agency-wide reporting.


Cloud based analytics