Mobile Enabled

Operator App, for Android and iOS, is your passport to controlling the Tapnetic and Lumatic Target System. Fast and intuitive, the Operator App can be running drills and reporting real-time scoring on up to 8 mobile devices. Games and drills are as few as 2 clicks away, and once a drill starts, it can be repeated immediately for fundamentals rework.


By leveraging our low-feedback loop of our Tapnetic and Lumatic Targets, we’re able to produce powerfully satisfying game mechanics that offer a truly distinct live-fire experience for both solo training, competitive gaming, and cooperative drills. With 8 games and drills released at launch, shooters will have a variety of fundamentals drills as wells as exciting multi-threat, wave-based games, with more on the way.


With Autonomous Alloys, we’re introducing next-generation shot timing by reading high-resolution hit detection from the electromagnet, producing shot tracking and scoring to the millisecond. Scoring is also stored indefinitely so you can monitor trends in progression, or settle scores with friends.


With the Operator App, your safety checklist is built into the functionality and precedes every game and drill.

Settings & Telemetry

Operator App is built from the ground up to be intuitive at every step. If there’s an issue down range like a low battery, you’ll get an automatic notification. But if you want to check all the battery levels at once, you’re just a click away. If you need to figure out which target is which for a quick sequencing, or even which ones are online, all are just two clicks away.


All new games and updates are delivered via the app store, and by connecting your Operator BaseStation to the internet. All new updates will be available to download.


Maximally configurable mobile app

Maximally configurable mobile app
4 Drills
4 Games
15 in-game customizations
Realtime hit reporting
Post-game reports
Player profile management
high visibility
Millisecond precision

Games & Drills

  • All or None Games

    All targets are live at once. Knock them all down, and they all come back up ready for more.

  • Swarm Games

    Zombie-like wave based game. Reach the highest wave possible by eliminating waves of threats

  • Run N Gun Drills

    Timed drills designed for the shooter to be on move. Well suited for shoot houses or custom courses.

  • Freeplay Games

    Freeplay is a casual game designed for plinking or warmup rounds for more fast-paced games

  • Overrun Games

    Race the clock to knock as many paddles down before being overrun

  • Marksman Drills

    Designed for longer range drills, work on response time and target transitioning with one target station at a time

  • Subsecond Drills

    Speed Drills / focus on precision

  • Adaptive Training Drills

    One of the most addictive drills in the arsenal - Don't let the targets out pace you or its game over

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Designed to be easy to operate, yet rich in features. Host drills and games using your Autonomous Alloys target system, review scores and detailed hit data, and improve your shooting performance.