The Tapnetic Target System is purposefully built to adapt to any training environment. Each target is designed to be moved, shifted, sat on sloping environments, then reconfigured in minutes. Three options in target stands make it easy to group targets up or spread them out. The wireless nature makes reconfiguring fuss free.


The target itself weighs in at 26.8 lbs. making it light enough to handle easily, but heavy enough to provide a stable ballast for the platform. Steel grab handles on the back of the target chassis allow for a comfortable and secure carry and positioning.

Placing Basestation and repeater

Each Tapnetic target system comes with a basestation and repeater. The basestation pairs up with your mobile device using the Autonomous Alloys Operator app. You give it game and drill instructions and it relays your commands to the targets. The repeater sits behind the targets and out of the way of fire and ensures commands from the basestation are received by the targets. The basestation, repeater and targets all must have a direct line of sight to each other to ensure a clear path of communication.

For a range greater than 120 yards, just add in additional repeaters, each spaced out by 120 yards and extend your range as far as you like.