Magnetic resetting

Tapnetic Targets bring a host of new technologies to the range for a truely next-gen shooting experience. It starts with our lightening fast magnetic resetting paddles, offering an instant and virtually tactile feedback loop on each hit. We’ve coupled that with 4 high power expendable LEDs to produce in-game feedback and logic, such as shoot/no-shoot scearios, competitive possession scenarios, and other rule based scenarios.

Expendable LEDs

To accomodate a wide variety of calibers, our LEDs and diffusors are designed to be economic consumables. Each LED sits on a small dedicated aluminum clad PCB, and within an isolated channel. When struck, the bullet and LED debris will eject out the bottom of the chassis without disturbing adjacent LEDs. To service, simply slot a new LED board back into the empty channel.


Tapnetic Target systems are designed to be maximally configurable and can be set up for long range sniper practice, close quarter combat, in the field or urban setups. Tapnetic Targets are built to secure on any 2x4 post, and can be set in any orientation, both vertically and horizontally on the post. Reconfiguring range setups for multiple training scenarios can be achieved in just minutes.


Each target weighs in at 26.8 lbs. making it light enough to handle easily, but heavy enough to provide a stable ballast for the platform. Steel grab handles on the back of the target chassis allow for a comfortable and secure carry and positioning setup.

PLacing Basestation and repeaters

The Operator BaseStation is the communications hub on the field. The basestation pairs up to your Android or iOS mobile device over Wifi, and then communicates with the targets through a hop via a mandatory repeater. Repeaters need a direct line of sight to the Operator BaseStation, and need to be positioned behind and adjacent your furthest target, to ensure a clear path of radio communication. Steel can interupt radio wave transmission and can lead to less-than-optimum performance. To mitigate interference issues, Tapnetic Targets utilize a mesh network technology enabling every target to act as a repeater. This allows users to be as creative as needed when designing target arrangements as every Tapnetic Target acts as a repeater; as long as every antenna has a clear line of sight to any other antenna, data communications will work uninterupted.


Patents Pending

Tapnetic Target Specs

Dimensions: 8 1/2 in. deep x 9 in. wide x 14 in. tall
Weight: 26.8 lbs. with paddle
Deflector & top shelf steel: AR500
Deflector depth: 3/8"
Body steel: 3/16" A36
Electromagnet: 2 amp / 300 lbs lifting hold
Operating temperature: 32° to 110° F
Mounting style: 2x4 post vertically or horizontally
Target paddle
Width and height: 6 inches
Depth: 1/4 inch
Weight: 31.25 oz.
Spring sets: 1 .45 caliber spring, 1 9mm spring
Steel: AR500
Paddle Options: 4 inch paddle for .22, 5 inch paddle for pistol caliber, 10 ring paddle. Paddles are paired with appropriate spring
Cell type: Lithium Polymer (LiPo) 4S 14.8V
Capacity: 1800 mAh
Battery life: 5 hours
Stand by time: 48 hours
Charge time: Approx 25 min @ 5 amp.
Operating temperature: 32° to 104° F
LED Lights
Brightness: 9 watt @ 220 lumens
Emitting color: RGB
Viewing angle: 120 deg
Low light option: Adjustable from mobile app.
Operating temperature: 32° to 200° F
Radio Link
Frequency: 2.4 GHz
Range: 120 yards from basestation
Data rate: 1Mbps
RF standard: 802.15.4

Compatible Calibers

Optional Featherweight Paddle and Spring Set
Suited for forces less than 200 ft .lbs of energy
Common calibers in this range:
  • .22 LR and .22 short
  • .22 WMR
  • .25 ACP
  • .32 ACP
  • .380 ACP
  • .38 Spec.
Order optional featherweight paddle and spring set
Pistol Paddle and Spring Set
Suited for forces less than 600 ft .lbs of energy
Included with every Tapnetic purchase
Common calibers in this range:
  • 9x19
  • .357 Mag
  • 10 MM
  • .40 S&W
  • .44 Special
  • .44 Magnum
  • .45 ACP
  • .45 Colt
Close range ammunition options for rifles
The following ammunition produces less than the maximum recommended forces:

Basestation & Repeater Specifications

WiFi range: 40 feet
2.4 GHz range: 120 yards
Dimensions: 127mm x 78mm x 50mm
Game storage space: 1 Gb
Battery type: Lithium Ion
Capacity: 3500 mAh
Battery life: 5 hours
Target Repeater
2.4 GHz range: 120 yards
Dimensions: 97mm x 78mm x 50mm
Battery type: 9V
Battery life: 15 hours


Mobile App
Device support: Android and iOS
Version available: 1.00 beta
Games and Drill modes: Hit time resolution: 1 millisecond
Base station
Version: 1.00 beta
Remote update support: yes
Players profile history storage: yes
Game history storage: yes