Adaptive Training


Single player only, player selects his or her profile and the training program senses the skill level of that player and automatically adjusts difficulty level to set a demanding but achievable set of targets in a given amount of time. Player must never allow the entire field of targets to be lit and active or the drill ends. This drill speeds up over time, making it challenging to time reloads. As player improves, the drill starts the player at a faster pace.

Game modifiers

Double tap
Match type
Max hits

Games & Drills

  • All or None Games

    All targets are live at once. Knock them all down, and they all come back up ready for more.

  • Swarm Games

    Zombie-like wave based game. Reach the highest wave possible by eliminating waves of threats

  • Run N Gun Drills

    Timed drills designed for the shooter to be on move. Well suited for shoot houses or custom courses.

  • Freeplay Games

    Freeplay is a casual game designed for plinking or warmup rounds for more fast-paced games

  • Overrun Games

    Race the clock to knock as many paddles down before being overrun

  • Marksman Drills

    Designed for longer range drills, work on response time and target transitioning with one target station at a time

  • Subsecond Drills

    Speed Drills / focus on precision

  • Adaptive Training Drills

    One of the most addictive drills in the arsenal - Don't let the targets out pace you or its game over