Run N Gun


Objective: This timed drill is designed for the shooter to be on move and is suited well for shoot houses or other custom courses. The targets always light up in sequence, so be sure to position your targets in numerical order. Design a course with one or two targets per station before advancing to the next station. Enable "random threat per station". In this mode, one of the targets will be randomly selected to light up. Once hit, the station is neutralized and the next station will be ready. For more advanced drills, enable double tap for two hits per target. Split times are displayed along with individual and group times.

Designed for two or more targets.

Drill modifiers

Match type
Max hits
Max time
Double tap
targets per station

Games & Drills

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    All targets are live at once. Knock them all down, and they all come back up ready for more.

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  • Run N Gun Drills

    Timed drills designed for the shooter to be on move. Well suited for shoot houses or custom courses.

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