This is the standard repeater for all Autonomous Alloys targets. Use it to add an additional 200 yards in range for your target setup or as a drop in replacement for a lost or broken repeater. To use as an range extender, simply space out each repeater 200 yards from each other. Requires 1 9-volt battery (not included).

Featherweight 4-inch Paddle Set


This is a featherweight paddle for use with the Tapnetic target chassis. Paddle set includes one paddle, spring, bolt and nut. Use this paddle when shooting cartridges producing less than 200 ft-lbs of energy. Ideal calibers in this range are .22, .25 ACP, .32 ACP, .380 ACP and .38 special.

Venom Pro Quad 400W 7A 4-Port AC/DC LiPo Charger


For the professional or serious enthusiast, we've selected a multi-battery charging station that is easy to use and doesn't require sourcing all of the miscellaneous cables yourself. This charger kit with an integrated power supply and all the cables necessary to charge 4 batteries at once. And with 100 watts per channel, you can charge batteries quickly. This is an AC and DC charger, which enables you to charge from home, or if you're in the field, charge off of your car or truck's battery.

Turnigy B4 Compact Balance Charger


The Turnigy B4 Compact Balance Charger is a very easy to use balance charger for your MR-45 LiPo batteries. Ordering the balance charger from us ensures you get the charger and appropriate power supply and charging cables all in one box. The Turnigy B4 charger was selected as a quality entry level no-fuss charger. You simply connect your battery to the B4 and it starts charging automatically. The charge current is variable, determined by the capacity and charge state of your battery. The max charging current is 4A (up to 35W).

Tapnetic LED Replacement Pack x8


LED boards are designed to be disposed of after taking a bullet strike and quickly replaced with a new LED board. When a bullet strike occurs, the operator disconnects the remnants from the LED cable and reconnects the cable to a new LED board. The new LED board is slotted into place along with a new light diffuser and the system is immediately ready to go. Pack includes 8 LED boards and 8 light diffusers.

Tapnetic High Discharge Battery


5 hour lithium polymer spare or replacement battery for the Tapnetic target

The Tattu brand is known for their build quality and performance. These batteries are built to have a very high current load placed on it without damaging the longevity of the battery.

- Brand: Tattu
- Product Type: 4S LiPo battery pack
- Capacity: 1800mAh
- Voltage: 14.8V
- Weight: 199.5g
- C rating: 75
- Dimensions: 92.62*29.37*32.38mm