Lumatic Vertical Stand


The vertical stand is one of the most versatile stands allowing you to place independent or grouped targets in any arrangement desired. With a 15° forward offset built in, bullet splatter is deflected towards the ground. Each stand supports a maximum of 4 targets.

The vertical stand packs tightly for trips to the range.

Dual Stand


The dual stand is an durable, easy to carry stand designed to separate shooting stations with pairs of targets. This stand is great for customizing your field with multiple shooting stations when shooting on the move, or for just mixing up your field with your own custom target arrangement. Many of the game and drill modes have options to light up targets in pairs, making the dual stand uniquely suitable.

Target Stands

Single Stand


The single stand is one of the most versatile stands allowing you to place a target independently from the others in any arrangement desired.

The single stand adapts well to uneven terrain with two legs being adjustable for height with the included 14mm bolt that can be tightened to secure a leg at a particular height. the height necessary to level the stand. The vertical post also has a 14mm bolt used for height adjustment.

Target Stands

Beam Stand


The beam stand is a versatile stand that can comfortably hold 6 Tapnetic or 6 Lumatic targets using an 8-foot 2x4. This stand works great for plate rack challenges, customized drills requiring engaging targets in close arrangement, and any multiplayer competitions.

Target Stands