Digital Lane - x8 Range Set with Stands


New x8 Lumatic Targets

Rated for up to 600 ft-lbs of energy - ideal for pistol calibers at close range and rifles at long range. This range set includes everything you would need to setup your digital targets including a pre-configured set of stands. No other accessories are required to get going with this kit. It includes x8 tactical Lumatic targets and the basestation to run the Operator mobile app. It also includes 4 beam mount brackets and a beam stand. The beam stand is paired with two vertical post stands and 4 post mount brackets. All together, this kit offers you a broad set of options when configuring your range.

There are several target bracket options available in the Lumatic target accessories section below to adapt to your preferred range configuration. Each target will need at least one mounting bracket, and ideally one post saver to protect your 2x4 posts.

Package includes:

-8x Tactical Lumatic Targets
-8x Vertical Brackets
-8x Post Savers
-2x Post Stands
-1x Basestation
-1x 200 yard repeater

Self healing illumination

Disruption-free all day illumination

Multiple hit response scenarios

Single hit (double flash), double tap (double flash with fade out), heat mode (10 hits in rapid succession ramp from white to red)

Flexible mount

Sits atop or horizontally through 2x4 post


Pairs with optional basestation.

Mobile app operated

Get it in the app stores

3/8 inch AR500 plate

9 x 9 inch hit surface area

  • Current lead time for target delivery is 4-6 weeks.
  • Free shipping for continental US.
Product Description: 
x8 Lumatic targets
x4 Post mounted brackets
x4 Beam mounted brackets
x1 Beam stand
x1 Vertical stand
x1 basestation
x1 repeater