Lumatic Target

You can safely shoot at a distance of 8 yards from the Lumatic targets. Always make sure the deflector and hit surfaces are flat and even without any pits or maring. Always wear eye protection.
Only shoot lead ammunition at Lumatic targets. Steel and bimetal ammunition can bounce back towards the shooter(s) and will pit and deform the hit surfaces. The uniform and flat surface of the target face is designed to fragment and disperse the lead evenly. If the surfaces become pitted, there is a potential for the bullet or bullet fragments to loop back towards the shooter.
Flip the power switch up and you will see the LED's light up white for a second. The target is now ready to be connected to the basestation.

Mobile app

Once the basestation is on and the green LED is blinking once per second, go to the WiFi settings of your mobile device and connect to XfireLive AutonomousAlloys network. Once connected, open the Autonomous Alloys app. The top of the main screen will tell you if you are connected to the basestation.

If you are on an Android device, your wifi settings may use the steps below to connect to the XfireLive or Autonomous Alloys WiFi.

Step 1: Click the XfireLive or Autonomous Alloys WiFi network or the "Sign in to the network"

Step 2: Click the "More" button at the top right

Step 3: Click "Keep Connection"

Step 4: Connection established

If you have the targets on as well as the basestation, the pairing in most cases is automatic. If you don't see a target in the target list in the app, press the "Discover Targets" button on the home screen to re-discover all of the available targets.
From the main horizontal menu in the app, click "Games & Drills", then click "Choose Game or Drill". Selecting an option from the list will load the game attributes. You can leave the defaults selected or modify at your choosing. Clicking "Play" will load the main game window. At the bottom of the game window you have a green start button and a red stop button. Pushing the green start button will initiate the countdown sequence and the game will begin.
Unless otherwise noted in the game menu of the app, most game and drill modes will operate with two targets.


To turn the basestation on, simply press the button on top of the basestation case. One green LED will indicate power is on. After a minute or so, a second green LED will begin blinking once per second indicating that the network is up and it is ready to connect to it from the mobile app.
If the iPhone drops while in a game, From Settings -> Wifi, Click the "i" icon for the XfireLiveXXXXX or AutonomousAlloysXXXXX wifi connection and toggle "Auto-Join" to On. If the WiFi connection continues to drop, go to Settings -> Cellular and toggle "Cellular Data" to Off.


The repeater is used to relay radio signals from the basestation to the Lumatic targets. The repeater is required in most environments because RF signals cannot travel through steel. To position your repeater in the field, place it behind the targets outside of the line of fire while ensuring it has a direct line of sight to the basestation. When placing it out of the line of fire, it is usually best to place it 10 yards or more to the left or right side of the targets.
The repeater uses one 9 volt battery. The battery should last about 10 hours before needing replacement. A warning message box will appear in the mobile app if is not detecting a repeater in the network. This may be an indication that either the repeater is not turned on or the battery is dead.

General Tips

There is a troubleshooting section in the mobile app that details troubleshooting tips on the target, basestation and repeater.