Smart Training Targets for Law Enforcement, Military, and enthusiasts that want to have fun while training.

The first electronic steel shooting target that incorporates gamification, to bring virtual world game mechanics to the real world. And real-time scoring goes straight to your mobile device. Featuring single player drills, multiplayer and co-op games - all driven right from your mobile device! Check out the video!

Magnetic Reset Technology
Quickswap Lighting
Configurable Games
Ballistic energy compatibility Compatible with handguns and rifles

Learn more cartridge selections

How to setup your range Flexible Tapnetic field setup

Take a look at the various options for a range setup

LEO and Military support LEO and Military training and support

Find out how well your Tapnetic Target System can be adapted into your training

Ballistic Technology

Dive into the technology that makes Tapnetic Targets so different.

Operator mobile app Operator mobile app

Dive into the games, drills and custom features of the mobile app

Tapnetic features Introduction to Tapnetic Targets

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